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In our modern world, most things can be found online.  It is no different with Grand Prairie in Texas.  Everything that might be of interest to the community and its visitors can be accessed on a website.

Interesting facts found online, about Grand Prairie:

  1. Availability of land and Recreational Amenities: Multifamily developments are taking up large portions in the Industrial District.  This development also includes a hotel.  There is still land available in the area.  The section of the city around Joe Pool Lake is attracting exclusive plans for resort developments and high-end residential houses.
  2. Large Industrial District: Due to the central location of Grand Prairie, it has one of the biggest Industrial Districts.  It is also in close proximity to the highway and air transportation structures.  Therefore it is also a well-established center for distribution of goods.  The Industrial Site, because of its proximity to rail, air and interstate highways, still attracts new business, warehouse constructions, distribution centers and manufacturing buildings.
  3. Central Location: Because of its location, in the middle between Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, it links the city with the major markets, creating a strong business and entertainment corridor, while developing itself as a corporate location with significant retail properties.

More Facts about Grand Prairie:

  1. It offers amenities that appeal to most; growing families, young professionals as well as, senior people found that they can live their lives grandly in Grand Prairie.
  2. Affordable living costs; with special programs and services to enable even low-income families in purchasing a home.
  3. Beautifully laid out neighborhoods; many thousands of acres of land devoted to parks, extraordinary public schools, and an overall, friendly, welcoming spirit throughout the community, make Grand Prairie a good place to live well.

Grand Prairie offers its residents; friendly neighbors, family fun, relaxation, safe neighborhoods, where everyone looks out for another.  All in all, a very smart place to do business and to live your life.